Matilda – The Musical

Auditions: Saturday June 17 – 3:00pm-7:00pm

Middleburgh Reformed Church – 178 River Street Middleburgh, NY 12122

Audition Materials

We are presenting the full Broadway production of “Matilda – The Musical.” All roles are open, and will be cast following auditions on June 17. The materials are available below:


All singers will perform with the backing track provided in each pdf

  • Lead Female Child (pdf)”Naughty”
  • Lead Male Child (pdf) “Revolting Children”
  • Lead Female Adult (pdf) “The Smell of Rebellion,” “Loud,” and “My House”
  • Lead Male Adult (pdf) “All I Know” and “The Smell of Rebellion”

Anyone not audition for a lead/soloist role will sing in a group audition

  • Kids not seeking a lead role will sing “Naughty” in a group
  • Adult Men/Women not seeking a lead role will sing the male/female “lead” songs in a group

Readings (“sides”)

Actors should be familiar with all the sides for all the roles they are auditioning for. The directors will choose who reads which sides at auditions, but actors need to be familiar with all.

Character-appropriate accents are encouraged.

Anyone auditioning for the role of Matilda needs to do their best to memorize all Matilda sides. It’s a challenge, but the role demands a high ability to memorize music and lines. The directors want to see if there is a 6-9 year old who can do it.

  • Side 1 (pdf) Lead Child & Lead Female
  • Side 2 (pdf) Lead Female, Lead Child, Lead Male
  • Side 3 (pdf) Lead Female or Lead Male, Lead Child
  • Side 4 (pdf) Lead Child, Lead Female
  • Side 5 (pdf) Lead Female or Lead Male, Lead Child
  • Side 6 (pdf) Lead Male