Oliver (2018)

Cast of Oliver!

Principal/ Supporting Roles

Oliver Twist: Courtney Taibi

Fagin: Issac Simeon

The Artful Dodger: Joscelyn Seiler

Bill Sikes: Joel Bramer

Nancy: Mallorie Meyer

Bet: Rachel Comstock

Charley Bates: Sienna Kelly

Mr. Bumble: Nate Fisher

Widow Corney: Mary Chichester

Mr. Brownlow: TBD

Mr. Sowerberry: TBD

Mrs. Sowerberry: Sarah Bramer

Charlotte: Vivienne Owen

Noah Claypole: Luke Bramer

Mr. Grimwig: Ashton Jensen

Mrs. Bedwin: Rachel Newman

Old Sally: Elizabeth Celmer-Youmans


Understudy for Oliver Twist:  Brody Shaver

Understudy for The Artful Dodger: Lauren Pratt

**Understudies will need to learn the lines for the role, and will be asked to step in as the character in the absence of the person playing the role


Workhouse boys/pickpockets/youth chorus (Under 16)

Alexia Bell
Luke Bramer
Megan Bramer
Jonah Clermont
Eliza Clermont
Lydia Clermont
Grace Cuti
Christina Cuti
Arden Farsworth-Moore
Jane Jenkkins
Kaelyn Jensen
Ania Keidong
Ania Keidong
Sienna Kelley
Sienna Kelley
Lyla Kowalski
Noah Meredith
Asher Meredith
Brehan Metzler
Caitlyn Nikolaus
Caitlyn Nikolaus
Canyon Owen
Sky Owen
Jude Pecan
Lauren Pratt
Emily Pratt
Thomas Pratt
Brody Shaver
Olivia Skowfoe

*There are a few young ones who sang “Happy Birthday” for us, but did not fill out audition forms (so I do not have their names). We would love to have them in the youth chorus if they are interested!

Ryley Berg
Sarah Bramer
Elizabeth Celmer-Youmans
Mary Chichester
Roger Christman*
Sarah Clermont
Rachel Comstack
Nate Fisher
Ashton Jensen*
Rachel Newman
Vivienne Owen
Mikayla Pecan
Lily Rossman
Isabel Skowfoe
Christine Steinbach
Madi Yung


* I know you are under 16, but I believe you are more appropriate for the adult chorus due to height