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About Us

Timothy Murphy Playhouse is a community theater group based in Middleburgh NY, serving Schoharie County and its surrounding counties. Timothy Murphy Playhouse was organized in the 1970’s and performed plays and readings, as well as original works by local authors. One such work was a musical titled “Middlefort”, written by two MCS teachers. After some time the group fell dormant until 1995 when it was re-organized and re-vitalized. It has been going strong ever since!


Friends of TMP – 2017

Stewart’s Shops
Maggie and Tony Russo
Lisa Thom
Mary Ella Davenport
Ellen Posson
Sue Makely
Susan Riquier
Jill Sholtes

TMP is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization. Any donations are tax deductible and are used to cover production expenses such as rights and royalties, equipment rentals and facilities use fees.

If you would like to make a donation at any time of year, please send a check to:
Timothy Murphy Playhouse
P.O. Box 653
Middleburgh, NY 12122
(please include a return address so we can send you a receipt)

Annie 2017



Annie – Megan Bramer

Warbucks –  Jeffrey Jene

Grace – Mallorie Meyer

Miss Hannigan – Ashley Becker

Rooster – Nate Fisher

Lily – Madi Yung

F.D. Roosevelt – Andy Jacek

Boylen Sisters (Healy Girls) –  Bethany Overbaugh, Mary Chichester, Brittany Bertola

Mr. Bundles – Michael Mottl

Star-to-Be –  Maeve Uhalde

Mrs. Greer – Sarah Bramer

Drake – Isaac Simeon

Mrs. Pugh – Elizabeth Youmans

Molly –  Grace Cuti

Kate – Isabel Skowfoe

Tessie –  Joscelyn Seiler

Pepper – Brehan Metzler

July – Jazmin Russo

Duffy – Sienna Kelley

Sandy (the dog) – Yupits  – Colleen Rosenblatt

Aleah Becker
Alexia Bell
Miranda Cancio
Christina Cuti
Aurora Hoshtash
Kaelyn Jensen
Evelyn Kelley
Gemma Kelley
Lillian Kennedy
Lyla Kowalski
Lauren Pratt
Katie Reynolds
Isabel Skowfoe
Olivia Skowfoe


Warbucks’s Household
Mary Chichester
Rachel Comstock
Ania Keidong
Bethany Overbaugh
Lily Rossmann
Juliana Ryan


Jennifer Bernhardt
Brittany Bertola
Jonah Clermont
Sarah Clermont
Allison Coons
Alyssa Coons
Andy Jacek
Ashton Jensen
Haley Morgan
Mike Mottl
Colleen Rosenblatt
Melissa Yung


Jennifer Bernhardt
Brittany Bertola
Allison Coons
Alyssa Coons
Andy Jacek
Ashton Jensen
Haley Morgan
Maeve Uhalde


President’s Cabinet
Jennifer Bernhardt
Mike Mottl
Ron Lower
Sean McCormick


ANNIE production team

Director – Tara Hostash
Music Director – Sara Cipperly
Choreographer – Sarah Clermont
Art Direction – Joel Bramer
Producer – Sarah Bramer


Facebook Feed

The first week of rehearsal is finished!
Here's just a taste of our cast on their first night together. Can't wait to see and hear them 8 weeks from now! Mark your calendars - Annie returns to the stage on August 4, 5 and 6!

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Good morning! Thank you to everyone who came out this week to audition for ANNIE! We appreciate you all and we ask for your patience while we fill out our cast. There will be one additional audition session for adults on Wednesday, May 31. After that, we will post the cast list as soon as possible.
We are so excited about this production and are looking forward to getting started with a great group of people!

We also pause to remember those who have given all in service to our country. We thank them and their families with grateful hearts.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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